computerhealthIf you’re looking for ways to keep your office computer running smoothly, then here are a few tips that will help you to that goal.  We all know what it’s like to have to work on a computer that is running slowly or sluggishly.  There are a number of various software tools that can help you optimize your system as well as clear out junk files, viruses, and malware or spyware programs.

Clean Out Your PC

If you want the best performance on your computer you first have to ensure that it’s not getting bogged down by a bunch of useless programs as well as a ton of extra files and folders.  A computer that is filled to the brim will not operate as efficiently.

First, uninstall any software programs that you don’t use.  Go into the Add/Remove Programs option in the Control Panel and remove those that you don’t need or use.  Then run a software tool such as PC Health Advisor in order to clean out any junk and duplicate files.  It will also clean out the registry that would be rather helpful especially if you have just recently uninstalled a lot of software.

Then run an antivirus or antimalware tool.  A great option is Spyhunter which will get rid of any adware that might have accumulated.  These programs are great because you can scan your computer before you have to purchase the program.  Obviously you don’t have to buy anything if it doesn’t find any malware.  If all it finds are some cookies then you’re probably okay to not buy it or use it.

Don’t Download Software

If you can help it don’t download and install a lot of software programs.  This includes games, screensavers, and other fun things.  Usually this is how you get spyware and malware – those free download sites are very sketchy.  Also, don’t do file sharing sites such as torrents and Kazaa or Bearshare.  These are an invitation for getting a lot of junk on your machine.

Don’t Browse Bad Websites

Don’t visit adult or gambling websites.  Even forums for these activities could become hacked and install malware onto your computer.  You have to stick to safe and known websites if you’re on a company computer otherwise you risk security breaches.

So yes, internet “bad neighborhoods” are definitely off limits!

Install More RAM

The best way to speed up an older computer that is starting to show its age is to install some more RAM.  Usually you can do this yourself.  A website such as Crucial will even scan your computer and tell you exactly what types of RAM you can buy.  You then buy it and install it.  It’s as simple as swapping out a few chips that are usually easily accessible.  I did this on a laptop once and noticed a HUGE performance increase.  It’s the cheapest way to upgrade your computer and you will immediately notice the difference.