There is a direct link between how fast your computer is running and how vulnerable you are to cyber crime.  There has been a very noticeable increase in the amount of cyber crime that has been running rampant.  People are having valuable information stolen from them all the time.  For this reason we highly recommend that if your computer has suddenly gotten a lot slower that you run a scan with an antivirus and antimalware tool.

Malware and spyware actually work to slow down your computer by hogging resources.  They are usually not coded very well and they often take up a lot of memory.  Add that to the fact that if you have an older computer then resources are scarce anyway.

We highly recommend Malwarebytes.  This software is excellent and very light on system resources.  The team at Malwarebytes works relentlessly to update the virus and malware definitions so that you’re always at the forefront of new attacks and malware.

Here are some other things that you can do to reduce the risk of being the victim of cyber crime and data theft:

Back Up Your Data:

If you become the victim of ransomware attack then the best defense is to be able to just delete your computer and start over.  Ransomware locks up your computer and holds all your files for ransom behind a crypto key.  Usually this is very difficult to remove or get around without paying the ransom.  However, if you have all of your data backed up then this is not an issue. You can delete your computer, restart, and be on your way.  If you’re curious about the best ways to back up your data then I highly recommend looking into Backblaze.  This is an online cloud based backup solution that takes the guesswork out of creating backups for your data.

Don’t Browse Internet Bad Zones

Unfortunately there are certain places on the internet where you’re more likely to pick up a virus or malware.  These are usually common sense but they include adult websites, gambling sites, black hat and hacker sites, and download sites.  Another internet bad zone is torrent downloads, which can often have trojans and other malware included with the downloads.  If you really want to browse these areas then it might be best to do so on a separate computer on a VPN.

Always Keep Software Up To Date

The biggest reason for software updates is to patch software and block security holes.  Over time, researchers will figure out that there are holes in the software that hackers can exploit.  Updates patch these holes and create a safer environment and reduce the risk for the end user.  If you don’t update your software (such as internet browsers, flash, Java, and Windows itself) then you are leaving yourself open to a lot of exploits and hacks.  The best thing to do so that you don’t forget to update is to enable automatic updates in the software (most software has this option).